Monitor an item for someone else

To alert another user to an item, add that user to the list of people monitoring that item.

After a user is added to a monitored item, the user can configure their own monitoring preferences for the item, or stop monitoring the item.
  1. Go to the item to which you want to add a user.
  2. Click the item to view the artifact.
  3. On the item's View Artifact page, click Users Monitoring.
  4. In the Users Monitoring This Item window, click Add.
  5. From the list of available project members, select the user or users that you want to add to the monitored item.
    Tip: Press and hold the Ctrl key to select more than one user.
  6. Click Add.
    Tip: You can also click Add All to select all users.
  7. Click OK.
The users are now added to the monitored item.