Give roles to a project member

A project member can have any number of roles. As project administrator, you must assign each project member's roles.

Permissions are cumulative. The project member has all of the access permissions allowed by all of the assigned roles, plus any permissions that may have been assigned globally using application permissions.
Note: If your project is a subproject of any other project, you may have inherited some roles, project members or user groups from the parent project. You can assign any role to any project member, regardless of whether it's a global project role, or the role belongs directly to the project, or is inherited from a parent project.
  1. Click PROJECT ADMIN from the Project Home menu.
  2. On the Project Admin menu, click Permissions, then click the User-Role Matrix tab. Observe the users listed on the left and all the available roles (global, direct and inherited) on the right.
    Note: Users can be assigned global, direct and inherited roles. Inherited users have all the permissions that they have in the parent project.
    • If you assign another inherited role to an inherited user, that user gets both the roles.
    • If you assign a role to a user in a project, that user becomes a current member in that project.
  3. Select roles for each project member.
    Remember: A user's license type also influences what the user can see and do on your site. A user's license type supersedes any role assignments. Ask your site administrator how many licenses of each kind are available for your users. For more information, see How do TeamForge licenses work?.
    The USER_ROLE MATRIX page is also equipped with a smart search (filter) function that makes it easy to filter a user by name and assign roles. Use it to quickly search for a user to which you want to assign one or more roles.
  4. Click Save.
The roles are now assigned to each project member.