Remove an tool( integrated application) from Project Admin Menu

To stop making an application or site outside of CollabNet TeamForge available to your users from inside your CollabNet TeamForge projects seamlessly, disintegrate an application.

Note: You may have integrated several external applications per project to maximize the integrated applications feature's utility. However, because each integrated application adds an icon to the project navigation bar, a large number of integrated applications can cause horizontal scrolling. Consider removing the integrated applications that are not in use.
  1. Click PROJECT ADMIN from the Project Home menu.
  2. On the Project Admin Menu, click Tools.
  3. To remove an integrated application from the list of tools displayed , disable the visible checkbox and click save. The selected integrated application is removed from the project.
The icon of the removed integrated application disappears from your Project Home menu.
Note: Removing an integrated application, removes all associations to the integrated application too.
Note: Removing an integrated application , removes the component type in the Project Home create component page