Does TeamForge work with LDAP?

Yes, you can have your TeamForge installation authenticate against an LDAP server.

This is handy when users want to use a variety of different resources without having to maintain credentials for each one separately.


CollabNet TeamForge is a JBoss2 based application and relies on the JBoss JAAS service for user authentication. This enables a TeamForge site to authenticate users internally or externally.

Internal user authentication
Out of the box, TeamForge relies on its local database to manage user accounts. This includes username, password, full name, email address and a variety of other meta data values. Passwords are stored in the database using the standard MD5 Password hashing algorithm1. The database is only accessible by the application itself and a user with root access to the physical server. While running in this default configuration users are allowed to change their passwords in TeamForge, and any user with site administration privileges can create and approve new user accounts.
External user authentication
The JAAS service comes with several standard providers that allow TeamForge to be integrated with services such as LDAP, Active Directory and Kerberos. The JAAS service allows more than one source to be configured in the event several sources are needed.
Note: It is possible to use both types of authentication with a single TeamForge installation. See your CollabNet representative for details.

To ensure that you are not locked out of your site, the site administrator account is always validated by TeamForge, not by LDAP.

LDAP accounts must conform to the TeamForge rules for user names and passwords. For example:

(For detailed TeamForge user name and password rules, see Create a new user account.)

How is life different for the user under external authentication?

LDAP for source control

LDAP is integrated into your TeamForge source control services.

What can go wrong?

When TeamForge is configured to authenticate against an LDAP server and the LDAP server is down, all TeamForge authentication is disabled until the LDAP server is restored.

If a user does not exist on the LDAP server, or is deleted from the server, that user cannot log into TeamForge.