Delete a profile

You can delete an inactive profile from the permanently.

You can delete only deactivated profiles. If you do not want to have a profile in your authentication profile list, you need to deactivate it first and then delete it totally from the system.
Important: A deactivated profile remains in the Integrated Data space (IDS) until you perform deletion. To remove it completely from the system, delete the deactivated profile.
  1. Log on to the TeamForge as a site administrator and go to the look project.
  2. From the project navigation bar, click AUTH MANAGER.
  3. From the Main Menu pane on the left, click Manage Existing Profiles.
  4. Click the profile that you want to delete. The profile details are displayed.
  5. Ensure that the current status of the profile is inactive.
    Note: The profile status is marked yellow if inactive.
  6. Click Delete.
    Note: This button is visible only if the current status of the profile is inactive.
  7. On the confirmation window, click ok to proceed. The profile has been deleted.