Reorder profiles

You can set the order in which a user profile needs to be considered for authentication. On the Manage Existing Profiles page, you can manually reorder the list of authentication profiles.

For example, consider LDAP server 'A' that has 100 users profiles and LDAP server 'B' with just 15 users profiles. To reduce the network traffic effectively, you may arrange authentication profiles in such a away that the authentication requests pass through 'A' first and then through 'B'. When you enable reorder option, you can manually move the profiles back and forth within the list.
  1. Log on to the TeamForge as a site administrator and go to the look project.
  2. From the project navigation bar, click AUTH MANAGER.
  3. From the Main Menu pane on the left, click Manage Existing Profiles.
  4. Click Enable Reorder. You are now able to drag and drop profiles within the list.
  5. Reorder the list as required and click Save Order.