Give roles to a project group member

A project group member can have any number of roles. As project group administrator, you must assign each project group member's roles with care. The roles would impact not just an individual project, but would also grant same permissions across the projects in a project group.

Permissions are cumulative. The project group member has all of the access permissions allowed by all of the assigned roles, plus any permissions that may have been assigned globally using application permissions.
  1. Go to My Workspace > Admin.
  2. Click PROJECT GROUPS from the Projects menu.

    The existing project groups are listed here.

  3. Click your project group. The Project Group Details page appears.
  4. From the left navigation pane, click the Permissions link to specify user roles applicable to the project group.
  5. Click the User-Role Matrix tab.

    Observe the users listed on the left and all the available roles (global and direct) on the right. Users can be assigned global roles and roles created just for this project.

  6. Select roles for each project member.
  7. Click Save.
The roles are now assigned to each project group member.