Synchronize TeamForge source control integrations

Any time you upgrade your TeamForge site or a source control application, you must ensure that your users can still access their source code.

  1. Click Admin in the TeamForge navigation bar.
  2. On the site administration navigation bar, click Integrations.
  3. For each source control service you are supporting, verify that the right paths are specified.
    • SOAP service host should be localhost or the host name of the server on which you just installed TeamForge.
    • Repository base URL should be the URL for the top level of your source code server (which may be the same as your application server). For example, http://<myscmbox>/svn/repos
    • SCM Viewer URL should be the URL for the ViewVC application on your source control server. For example, http://<myscmbox>/integration/viewvc/viewvc.cgi
      Note: If you want to turn on TeamForge code browser, specify the appropriate URL.
  4. Select all your CVS integrations and click Synchronize Permissions. This updates the permissions on your code repositories so that users can access them from the new site.
Note: By default, the DISABLE_CREATE_INTEGRATION_SERVERS flag in the site-options.conf file is set to false, which allows users to create new external integrations. To suppress the ability to add integrations, change this setting to true and recreate the runtime environment before making the site available to users.