JIRA adapter overview

The TeamForge EventQ JIRA integration brings associations and traceability to JIRA.

The TeamForge EventQ JIRA adapter enables JIRA as an alternative tracker for use with TeamForge by detecting and storing associations between JIRA issues and TeamForge managed SCM activities, like commits. Traceability is therefore possible between JIRA, TeamForge, and various eventqd third-party tools.

Inside TeamForge, JIRA issues are visible in activity streams and association visualizations. Within JIRA, all the SCM related activities for the particular JIRA issue are tracked and displayed under the TeamForge tab on the JIRA issue page.

The TeamForge tab provides a summary of associations and also details a full listing of associations. This is a listing of immediate associations, activities with direct relationships to the JIRA issue at hand. To explore the chain of associations, click the Trace button. The traceability chain that includes commits, builds, reviews, deploys, and other XDS-based integration is displayed. On the Trace Associations page, clicking any node lights up all the association paths to that node. In addition, a small pop-up appears with details about the node in question. You can use SET AS TARGET button to expand the associations from the selected point. Another function exists to SEE more details about the node, opening a new browser tab.

The TeamForge EventQ JIRA adapter is packaged as a JIRA "add-on". Once installed and configured, the add-on supplies issue tracker "work item" metadata to TeamForge EventQ. The JIRA adapter needs configuration on a per project basis in JIRA, such that JIRA (many) to TeamForge (one) project mappings are established. It is therefore required to configure a TeamForge project URL and a set of TeamForge credentials for each JIRA project. Note that once configured with the aforementioned URL and credentials, the JIRA adapter will create and manage the needed sources and source associations keys. For more about source association keys, see Source association keys.