Back up and restore EventQ data

The TeamForge EventQ backup and restore strategy involves a snapshot process along with periodic database and RabbitMQ configuration backups for use during data restoration.

Backup and Restore Overview

The TeamForge backup and data restoration strategy involves two workflows:
  1. Snapshot of EventQ program files. On single-server installations the snapshot process outputs a single compressed tar archive containing all TeamForge EventQ program files. For multi-box installations, a snapshot must be taken of each server. For detailed instructions and links to download snapshot tools, see the Snapshot backup and restore documentation.
  2. Periodic backups. Alone, snapshots may be used to restore the system to the point in time when the original snapshot was taken. Use the data backup process to periodically backup the database and RabbitMQ configuration to supplement your snapshots with more current data. Please note that data backups alone are insufficient to restore in case of catastrophic failure; at least one snapshot is required for full system restoration. For detailed instructions on data backups, see the Data back up and restore documentation.