Chef adapter overview

The TeamForge EventQ Chef adapter supplies deployment data from your Chef environment to TeamForge EventQ.

This integration allows deployments done using Chef to be reported to EventQ and thus tracked for purposes of associations and traceability.

Chef deployments can be associated to either CI builds or binary artifact repository items, as illustrated below.

CI/Build to deployment work flow:
Binary artifact repository to deployment work flow:

This is achieved by linking the deployment done by Chef to either directly to the CI job that created the Build Artifact being deployed or to the build artifact residing in a Binary Repository. The possible use cases for Chef are nearly endless. The use cases covered in the instruction set below will be using Jenkins as the CI tool and Nexus as the Binary Repository.

Setting up Chef itself is outside the scope of this documentation and will not be covered. What is covered are only the steps involved in integrating an already existing Chef setup with a TeamForge EventQ instance. The setup works regardless of whether the Chef Server is hosted in the cloud or within your network, but you must consider the firewall prerequisites.