How do I remove the build and test link from TeamForge pages?

The site administrator can remove these links by checking out and editing the branding repository from the look project.

To remove the build and test links from your TeamForge navigation panel, check out the branding repository from look project and reconfigure the links as shown in the following code sample:

Note: You must be logged on as administrator to perform this task.
        [branding_stage]$ cd branding
        [branding]$ mkdir -p i18n/com/vasoftware/sf/i18n/apps/sfmain
        [branding]$ echo "configure_build_and_test.systemUrl.default=" > i18n/com/vasoftware/sf/i18n/apps/sfmain/
        [branding]$ svn add i18n
        A i18n
        A i18n/com 
        A i18n/com/vasoftware
        A i18n/com/vasoftware/sf
        A i18n/com/vasoftware/sf/i18n
        A i18n/com/vasoftware/sf/i18n/apps
        A i18n/com/vasoftware/sf/i18n/apps/sfmain
        A i18n/com/vasoftware/sf/i18n/apps/sfmain/
        [branding]$ svn commit
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