Search logs

Both the CollabNet TeamForge search and email backends are managed from a parent daemon known as Phoenix. If the search backend is not operating properly, the first troubleshooting step is to check the phoenix.log file to see if it encountered difficulties starting up.

The Phoenix daemon logs its activities to the phoenix.log file, which is stored under SOURCEFORGE_INSTALL_DIR/james/james-2.2.0/logs. This log is overwritten each time Phoenix is (re)started.

Phoenix is run as part of the CollabNet TeamForge standalone server init script.

Once started successfully, the search server waits for new content to be indexed or searches to be performed. The search server logs its activities under SOURCEFORGE_INSTALL_DIR/james/james-2.2.0/apps/search/logs. The logs that are created are all named default with the date stamp appended to them (such as default-20041126.log). A new log is created for each date that there is indexing activity.

If the search server is not running, or expected search results are not being provided, the default log is the best place to investigate further.