Add a new cloud

When you pool the physical resources into a cloud, they can be partitioned in to different virtual machines and used in any project on the domain that needs them.

  1. Select Administration > Clouds
  2. In the Manage Clouds page, click New Cloud.
  3. Enter a name and brief summary for the cloud.
  4. Enter any additional details in the Description.
  5. Select an owning project for the cloud. The owning project allows the physical source systems in the cloud to be from that project. If you don't specify an owning project, the sources for the cloud can only be systems that are unallocated and don't belong to any project .
  6. Specify whether this is a public or private cloud.
    • A public cloud appears in any project on the site that allows clouds, and is available for other project administrators to include in their list.
    • A private cloud appears only in the project that owns it, so that only the users in that project can allocate systems from it.
  7. Specify whether hosts allocated from this cloud should be deleted when they are deallocated.
  8. Specify the maximum time (in days) for which a host can be allocated from this cloud. The default value is 0 and indicates that there is no limit.
  9. Click New Cloud.
When your cloud gets created, you can proceed to add hosts to it.