Go to a document

If you know where a document is posted, or would like to browse to see what documents are available, you can find a document by navigation.

You can get to documents from your project home page or by searching the project's documents page.
  1. Choose a way to find documents:
    • Look for a Documents window on your project home page. If your project manager has added a document component, you will find all your project documents there (see Create a project page component to know how to add a "Documents" component to the project home page).
    • If there is no Documents component, click DOCUMENTS in the project navigation bar. The List Documents page appears.
  2. Select a documents folder.

    If a documents folder contains sub folders, you can expand the document tree by clicking the arrow to the left of the folder name.

  3. To view or save a document, click the file type icon to the left of the document name. Use the filter options to locate the document you want. Documents with file types that can be viewed in a browser, such as HTML and text, are displayed in a TeamForge window. For other file types, use the appropriate viewing software.
  4. To view additional information about the document, click the document name.