Change the active document version

You can specify which version of a document is the active version at any time.

TeamForge stores every document version that you or any other user posts. When you open a document from the document list view, you open the active document version. When you open a document's Document Details page, the information you see is about the active document version.

The Versions section of the Document Details page lists all document versions and indicates which one is currently active. By default, the most recently posted document version is the active version.

  1. Click DOCUMENTS from the Project Home menu.
  2. Using the document tree, find the folder containing the document.
  3. Select the document by clicking its name.
    Tip: On the Document Details page, in the Versions section, the active document is indicated with a check in the Active column.
  4. Select the version that you want to make the active version, and click Mark As Active.
The selected document version is now the active version.