Find a forum

Read through a project's discussion forums to find out about the project's plans, accomplishments, and challenges.

  1. Click Discussions from the Project Home menu. The Forum Summary page displays a list of all project forums, and summary information about each forum's activity.
  2. Click a forum name. The Topic Summary page displays a list of all forum topics and summary information about each forum topic's activity.
  3. Click a topic name. The Forum Topic page displays all messages that have been posted in response to the original forum topic.

    You can configure your view in the following ways:

    • To set the number of messages that display on each page, choose a value from the View menu, then click Update.
    • To display threaded messages, choose one of the following options, then click Update.
      • Nested - by Reply - Displays threaded messages in a hierarchical, nested format of up to 20 layers. This is the default display.
      • Flat - Chronological - Displays all messages in chronological order with no nesting.