Give a role to multiple project members

A role can be assigned to many users at once.

The user-role matrix provides a convenient way to add project members to a role, but it can become unwieldy if the project has a large number of users or roles. When that is the case, try assigning roles to multiple users at one time.
  1. Click PROJECT ADMIN from the Project Home menu.
  2. On the Project Admin menu, click Permissions.
  3. Click the name of the role that you want to assign to project members.
  4. On the Role Permissions page, click the Assigned Project Members tab. The Assigned Project Members page shows all users who currently have the role.
    Tip: You can assign the role only to the direct project members of the project.
    Remember: A user's license type also influences what the user can see and do on your site. A user's license type supersedes any role assignments. Ask your site administrator how many licenses of each kind are available for your users. For more information, see How do TeamForge licenses work?.
  5. Click Add and use the Find a User window to move your desired users into the Selected Users list.
    Tip: You can search by full or partial user name or full name to find the right project members.
  6. Click OK.
The project members are now assigned the role.