Require documents to be associated with artifacts

To help reduce the problem of "orphan" documents, require users who create a document anywhere on the site to associate the document with an artifact.

"Orphan" documents are documents that are abandoned because they are not connected to any tracked activity.
  1. Open the conf/site-options.conf file in a text editor.
  2. Change the value of the sf.requireAssociationOnDocumentCreate variable to true
  3. Change the value of the sf.allowedAssociationTypeOnDocumentCreate variable to [TrackerArtifact]
  4. If you want to prevent users from associating documents with closed artifacts, change the value of the sf.requireArtifactToBeOpenOnDocumentAssociation variable to true
  5. Save conf/site-options.conf.
  6. Recreate the runtime environment.
    • ./ -V -r -d /opt/collabnet/teamforge