Set up host URL mapping

If you have real users accessing services on a box you have set up virtually with TeamForge Lab Management, consider giving them a human-friendly URL to go to. You can do this by mapping an arbitrary URL to the host's real URL.

Note: Only TeamForge Lab Management domain administrators can administer host URL mappings.
  1. On the Administration tab, click Host URL Mapping in the navigation bar.
  2. Provide the following information about the service you wish to map:
    The TeamForge Lab Management host that you want to access the network service from. For example,
    Host Port
    The port on the Host -- the hostname you selected above -- that you want to access the web service on. For example, if you would like to map a web server running on port 8080, you would select Host Port 8080.
    Host URL
    The URL path on the Host that you want to map to. For example, if you want to map the URL, you would enter /build for the Host URL.
    Mapped URL
    The location (URL path) on the TeamForge Lab Management manager to map the Host URL to. The location will be under the directory /apps. For example, if you enter mybuild for Mapped URL in our example, you will then be able to reach as

    Valid characters for Mapped URL's are: Letters, numbers, spaces, underscores, and hyphens.

    Use SSL
    Whether or not to force requests for the mapped URL to use SSL. Mapped URL's will always be accessible via SSL, even if this box is not checked. But, if you check this box, it will be impossible to access this URL without SSL. In general, unless there is a very good reason for turning the Use SSL option off, we recommend keeping it on.
    Dynamic Rewriting
    Set to either Safer or More Aggressive. Using the Safer option, only HTML attributes which are known to contain URL's are dynamically rewritten. But in some cases, especially with applications that use embedded Javascript code, this will not be sufficient and some parts of your application will not work properly. In this case, try the More Aggressive option. This option still attempts to be careful about what it rewrites, but looks into the HTML more deeply and will rewrite a wider variety of HTML tags and attributes.
    A textual description of the web service that is being mapped. All users in the project will see this description when they view the Summary page for the Host.
    Note: The Description is mandatory.
  3. Click Add New to add your new URL mapping.
The new URL mapping is active immediately. To test it, try accessing the resulting URL from your desktop.