Delete a project

If you no longer need a project or any of the data in it, you should delete it.

Deleting a project deletes all of the data within it, with the exception of source code data, which is maintained separately from the rest of the site's content.
Delete a project only if you are sure that you no longer need any of the data within it. Move any items that you want to save.
  • You can delete a parent project only when its members, user groups and roles are not in use in any other project.
  • When you delete a parent project, the direct subprojects are moved one level up; that is, under the immediate parent of the deleted project.
  • If the deleted project has no parent, its subprojects become root-level projects.
  1. Go to My Workspace > Admin.
  2. From the TeamForge project list, choose the project that you want to delete and click Delete.
The project is deleted.