Enable or disable project templates

Site administrators or users with site-wide roles with project administration permissions can enable/disable project templates.

In TeamForge, enable a project template to make it available for use for creating new projects.
  1. On My Page, click Projects and select the PROJECT TEMPLATES tab.
  2. To make the project template available for use, select the template and click Enable.
  3. To stop making the project template available for use, click Disable.
  • You can create new projects only from the list of enabled project templates.
  • The Template Name field displays the name of the template using which the project was created. However, post upgrade to TeamForge 16.7 (or later), you will see the Template Name as "not available" for projects created in TeamForge 16.3 or earlier.
  • The Template Name field shows a hyphen (-) in cases where projects are created not from a template.
  • The template name is struck through in cases where the template used to create the project was deleted.
Note: Projects created using a template will now have the information about the template used for project creation.