Create a tracker workflow

To channel project members' work on tracker items, set up rules for how a tracker item can move forward.

Before creating a tracker workflow, see that these criteria are met:
A workflow is a sequence of changes from one status to another. You can define status transitions for any combination of tracker statuses in the tracker.
  1. Click PROJECT ADMIN from the Project Home menu.
  2. Click Tracker Settings.
  3. From the list of existing trackers, select a tracker.
  4. Click the WORKFLOW tab. The Workflow page lists all of your status values and the tracker workflow that you have configured. To view the graphical representation of the workflow, see Graphical workflow viewer for Trackers.
  5. On the Workflow page, click the status value for which you want to create a workflow.
  6. On the Edit Field Transition page, select a status value from the Create Transition to Status drop-down menu.
    Note: By default, the Any workflow is shown. This means that you are defining workflow rules for the transition from the status that you selected to any other status.
  7. Click Add. A new workflow is added. The Any workflow is changed to Remaining Statuses.
  8. In the ROLES section, specify which users can make this change. For example, only users with the QA Engineer role are allowed to change artifacts from Open to Cannot Reproduce.
  9. Click the Advanced Transition link.
    Note: For any new unsaved transition, an alert is shown asking you to save the transition so that you can view it in the Transition Status To drop-down list. Click OK to configure already saved transitions or click Cancel and then click Save and View in the Edit Field Transition page to save the unsaved transitions.
    1. Select the transition workflow for which you want to apply Advanced Transition settings from the Transition Status To drop-down list.
    2. Select the REQUIRED check box against the fields for which the user must provide values. For example, the user must assign the tracker item to someone and enter a comment.

      Fields whose values depend on a required parent field are automatically required. (See Help users select options in a tracker artifact for more information on parent and child fields.)

    3. Select or unselect the Visible check box for showing or hiding fields respectively for the selected status transition.
      Points to note:
      • Required fields are always visible.
      • Advanced Transition rules are applied when you create or edit artifacts in a tracker and only when you edit artifacts in Planning, Task, and Kanban boards.
      • Hidden field values, if updated via SOAP/REST APIs, are ignored.
  10. Click Save.
The workflow is now saved. When a user submits or edits the status of a tracker artifact, he or she sees only the options that are allowed by the workflow.