Require users to complete a tracker artifact field

If a field is set as required, users cannot submit artifacts without completing it. Most tracker fields can be required or optional.

Each tracker can have its own required and optional fields. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk * on the Submit Artifact page.
Note: When you make a field required, any field whose values depend on that field's values is also required. See Help users select options in a tracker artifact for more information about dependent field values.
  1. Click PROJECT ADMIN from the Project Home menu.
  2. Click Tracker Settings.
  3. From the list of current trackers, click the one you want to configure.
  4. On the Tracker Fields tab, click the name of the field you want to set as required or optional. By default, only the Title, Description, and Status fields are set as required.
  5. On the Edit Field page, select or clear the Required option to make a field required or optional. Required fields automatically show up on the Submit Artifact page.
    Note: System-defined fields and the Status field are always required.
  6. For optional fields, select or clear the DISPLAY ON SUBMIT option. This specifies whether the field will appear on the Submit Artifact page.
  7. Click Save Field.