Migrate a virtual guest

When a virtual guest consumes too many system resources, or you wish to rebuild or perform other more drastic maintenance on the virtual guest's current virtual host's use, migrate the guest to a different host.

Before moving a virtual guest, make sure the following is true:
  1. Go to the Host|Admin page for the virtual guest that you wish to migrate.
  2. In the Move to Virtual Host drop-down box, select the host you wish to migrate this virtual guest to, and click Update Allocation Details.
    Note: If you do not see this drop-down box, but instead see the text "No hosts are eligible for re-parenting," there are no other virtual hosts in this project that could accommodate this virtual guest. You must delete or reduce the hardware resources assigned to one or more existing guests.
  3. Click Confirm Update.
The virtual guest immediately shuts down and begins migrating. The owner of the virtual guest (not necessarily the user that requested the migration) receives an e-mail when the migration is complete.
Note: There is no exact time frame or estimate for how long a guest migration takes. A typical "base" system without much data (e.g., under 10GB) usually migrates in 5-15 minutes. The time required is mostly dependent on the size of the virtual machine, coupled with the load on the source and destination virtual hosts.