Why doesn't an open review automatically close when a new version of the document is uploaded?

TeamForge does not automatically close a document review under any circumstances (new document version, review due date passes, and so on).

This was a conscious decision on our part in which it was decided that TeamForge cannot always be aware of the business rules or personnel availability at a customer. For example, TeamForge cannot know that the one person whose document review input is most needed is on vacation for the four days the document was under review. If TeamForge were to close the review, then it would disappear from the user's My Page. Additionally, TeamForge cannot know that a new version of a document supersedes the prior versions (or that it does not supersede it). You may be uploading a 'draft' or 'work-in-progress' of the new version as document review feedback is received and if TeamForge were to close the review at this point, you might have received feedback from less than one percent of the reviewers.