How does CollabNet TeamForge help protect data access?

Access to data must be strictly controlled to meet the security requirements of the enterprise. Strict data access control is achieved through a combination of firewalls, authentication, and authorization.

Firewalls and network configuration

A firewall provides the first level of protection by restricting access to the private network from the Internet. Sophisticated firewall configuration can provide strong security for all enterprise resources.

All CollabNet TeamForge application server nor the backend servers should ever be exposed to the Internet.

The CollabNet TeamForge application to function effectively, the following conditions must be met.

Authentication and authorization

To secure sensitive data, CollabNet TeamForge provides access control tools to restrict unauthenticated and non-member access.

User authentication is supported through verification of username and password during login. Project administrators can completely restrict access to authenticated members by marking projects as gated communities or private. A gated community is only accessible to unrestricted users, while a private project is only accessible to its members.