What is a task dependency?

Task dependencies show what must be done before a given task and what will be done after the task is complete. Project managers can create dependencies between any two or more tasks in a project.

Task dependencies allow you to establish relationships between tasks. This can help to frame a task in the context of a larger project plan.

There are two types of task dependencies:

Note: Task dependencies and tracker artifact dependencies are different things.
Important: A task cannot be dependent on itself. You cannot make a task both a predecessor and a successor to another single task. If you attempt to do so, you will receive a circular dependency error.
Note: When a dependency is added to or removed from a tracker artifact, a notification mail is sent to users monitoring the artifact.

An option is provided at site level and user level to make sure whether the notification mail has to be sent or not. For more information on this, see Configure your site's settings.