TeamForge—Git integration: an overview

TeamForge 17.8 supports an integration with the Git distributed version control tool powered by Gerrit.

Although Git is the world’s leading distributed version control system, the enterprise has been slow and tentative in its adoption. Concerned with security breaches, compliance violations and lack of governance, many organizations have chosen to take a "wait and see" approach. With TeamForge, Git is ready for the enterprise. TeamForge lets you realize all the benefits of Git while ensuring the security, governance and manageability your business demands. With TeamForge, you can even manage Git and Subversion together, within each individual project.

Gerrit is an open source code review system designed to work with Git. Gerrit supports various access control mechanisms. The TeamForge Git integration uses Gerrit as a vehicle to bring TeamForge project roles and permissions into Git.

TeamForge Git integration: basic blocks