What is a project page?

A CollabNet project page is a place where users can see and add information about the project, such as messages from the project manager, open issues or documents you want people to read.

You can build your own project pages to design, manage and track your project’s lifecycle. When you create a project page, users automatically see it in their navigation panes.

To post information or provide functionality on your project page, you add a page component of the appropriate type for the information or functionality you are working with.

For example, to let people know about how the project is coming along, add a Project Statistics component to the page. To let project members upload documents for other users to read, you add a documents component.

If the page is a part of a parent page, it appears as a node in the tree in the left navigation area.

You can add a page directly to the top of the project, or as a subpage.

Tip: When you have your project pages defined and your process honed, you can export your project pages in the form of a project template, so other projects in your organization can reuse the resources you created. See Create a project template.