Get the assigned profile for the host, and returns the profile name along with the revision and version number.

Output is available in both text and XML formats. You can also get this information from the QueryAlloc method, but the output of this method is easier to parse if you have scripts checking a profile. The user requesting information about a host must have at least login privileges to that host.




This method requires authentication using an API key.


host ( Required, once )
Fully qualified hostname to query.
Type: String
output ( Required, once )
Output type, either 'txt' (for text output) or 'xml' (for XML output).
Type: String
sig ( Required, once )
API authentication hash signature.
Type: String
userid ( Required, once )
The login name of the user initiating the request.
Type: String

Example Response

    Sample XML output:
    <?xml version='1.0'?>
    <cubit version='1'>
      <profile revision="1838" version="5">solaris10_x86</profile>

    Sample text output:
    solaris10_x86  1838  5

    If user is unauthorized:
    <?xml version='1.0'?>
    <cubit version='1'>
        <error>You do not have permissions to view this host</error>

Response Codes