List packages associated with a particular version or revision of a profile.

If neither version nor revision is set, the latest (HEAD) revision of the profile is selected. You must have permissions to view the profile in order to retrieve a package listing. The profile must be public, or you must be a valid user in the project that owns the profile.




This method requires authentication using an API key.


output ( zero or once )
Ouput mode. 'txt' or 'xml'
Type: String
profile ( Required, once )
Profile to get package list for.
Type: String
revision ( zero or once )
Revision of profile to get package list for.
Type: Integer
sig ( Required, once )
API authentication hash signature.
Type: String
userid ( Required, once )
The login name of the user initiating the request.
Type: String
version ( zero or once )
Version of profile to get package list for.
Type: Integer

Example Response


    <?xml version='1.0'?>
    <cubit version='1'>
      <package version="1.2.3">pkgname1</package>
      <package version="4.5.6">pkgname2</package>
      <package version="7.8.9">pkgname3</package>

    pkg1  1.2.3
    pkg2  4.5.6
    pkg3  7.8.9

Response Codes