CollabNet provides servlet helper libraries that take care of authenticating integrated application requests with TeamForge. They also provide context information for each subsequent form processing within the application or links clicked within the application.

The heart of this is the IntegratedAppSupport class, which must be called during every request of an integrated application. This class takes the HttpServletRequest and HttpServletResponse for each request and determines whether the user is already authenticated. It also provides project- and user-related information that can be used throughout the request.

Tip: It is a good idea to store this as a ThreadLocal so that it can be used from anywhere in the application.

IntegratedAppSupport, on successful validation, provides several objects that can be used through the integrated application. .


The method is specified within parentheses at the end of each parameter.
This identifies a user. It can be used for making any TeamForge webservice calls over SOAP. TeamForge expects that every call be associated with a valid SoapSessionId. This method lets you fetch the SoapSessionId for the current session of the user. (getSoapSessionId())
This is the jsessionid for the current user. This is the servlet-container-specific id that might be used for some integrated applications. (getWebSessionId())
Retrieves the base URL for Collabnet TeamForge (getCtfBaseUrl()).
Retrieves the TeamForgeProject path for this project. This would typically be “projects.<projectname>” (getProjectPath())
CollabNetSoap handle
Retrieves the handle for CollabNet SOAP (Refer to for SOAP calls that can be made using TeamForge) (getCollabNetSoap()). Documentation for the SOAP methods exposed are available in
PluggableAppSoap handle
Retrieves the handle for pluggable application SOAP calls (getPluggableAppSoap()).Documentation for the SOAP methods exposed are available in
Retrieves the handle for RBAC SOAP Calls (getRbacAppSoap()).Documentation for the SOAP methods exposed are available in
Retrieves the linkid for this request. (getIntegratedAppId())
Retrieves the Prefix to use for go-urls, associations and linkifications (getIntegratedAppPrefix()).
Retrieves the name of this integrated app (getIntegratedAppName()).
Retrieves the TeamForge project id (getProjectId()).
Retrieves the SOAP data object information for the current user (getUserSoapDO()).