TeamForge 7.1 and later support automatic password creation. Once you turn on automatic password creation, the AUTO_DATA token is auto-generated by the installer during runtime recreation.

Restriction: The AUTO_DATA token is not a user-editable site options token. Do not modify this token manually.

The following password-related site-options.conf tokens can have the passwords automatically created if set to $auto$. When set to $auto$, the passwords for the tokens are randomly generated, encrypted and stored in the AUTO_DATA token that is added automatically to the site-options.conf file during runtime recreation.

MIRROR_DATABASE_PASSWORD=$auto$ (applicable only if you are mirroring your database)

As this AUTO_DATA token is auto-generated and managed by the TeamForge installer, do not modify this token manually during TeamForge upgrades. When you upgrade TeamForge, you must copy this token intact (along with its value) from the old site-options.conf file to the upgraded site's site-options.conf file, before recreating the runtime. This applies to all the servers in a distributed set up (copy the AUTO_DATA token and its value to all the servers).

This feature is enabled by default. You can, however, override any of the above password-related tokens with the password of your choice.