Allocate yourself a Lab Management machine

When you have been given membership and an appropriate role in a TeamForge Lab Management-enabled project, allocate a host for your own use.

Your personal host can be rebuilt with any profile whenever you want.

You can install any software you want on it (subject to the CollabNet Terms of Service and your own organization's security policy, all depending on how and where your TeamForge Lab Management instance is deployed).

You can run any jobs you want on the server (subject to the same conditions as software installation).

  1. Find an available host to allocate.
  2. On your project's TeamForge Lab Management home page, click the host you've identified.
  3. On the host status page, click Allocate to reserve the host for yourself.
  4. Specify how long you wish to allocate the host.
    • Choose a specific time/date to deallocate the host using the calendar widget.
    • Choose a length of time to allocate the host.
    • Allocate the host indefinitely (until you or a project admin frees the host).
    Note: Your project administrator may have set a limit on the amount of time a machine can be allocated. If this is the case, then you will receive an error message if you try to allocate a host for a longer period.
You can always change the allocation time for your host later, if you decide that you need the host for a shorter or longer amount of time (subject to the maximum limits set by your project administrator).