Find an available host to use

To work in the Lab Management environment, you need to either allocate a system to yourself or log into someone else's system in your project.

  1. Click My TeamForge Lab Management or the Projects tab and select your project.
    Important: It is usually considered impolite, and may even be a violation of your company's policies, to check out a system from one project that you are a member of in order to do work related to another project.
  2. Click Project Hosts.
  3. In the list of hosts assigned to the project, do what you need to do:
    • If the host is allocated, click the user's name to ask their permission to work on their host.
      Tip: You may also ask the user if they still need the host, and would they mind releasing the system so that you or someone else, could check out the host.
    • If the host is in the Free state, allocate it to yourself.
    Note: It is polite to ask the owner of a machine if you can use it to log in and run jobs on. TeamForge Lab Management assumes that all TeamForge Lab Management users in a project should be able to log in to all systems in a project, to facilitate developer and QA productivity. But, along with this freedom comes the responsibility to be a "good citizen" and not step on other people's resources.