Integrate an unmanaged CVS repository with CollabNet TeamForge

After creating the repository, you must modify two triggers, verifymsg and loginfo, to complete the integration with CollabNet TeamForge .

The triggers must be modified manually, because much of the information in the triggers is specific to your CollabNet TeamForge installation.

Each trigger must be modified to run a .java program. These topics provide an annotated example and instructions on modifying and installing the trigger files.

Note: You must create the CVS repository before you can modify and install the trigger files.
Note: CVS servers that integrate with CollabNet TeamForge must use the native UNIX/Linux authentication method, and not external authentication mechanisms such as NIS, NIS+, Winbind, Active Directory, or LDAP. TeamForge creates and manipulates local system accounts using the default useradd, usermod, groupadd, groupdel, and userdel commands. It expects to find any accounts or groups it created in /etc/passwd and /etc/group.