What's the difference between a 'managed' and 'unmanaged' CVS server?

You can use TeamForge to control a CVS server, or you can run the CVS server stand-alone, or 'unmanaged'.

Note: Only CVS servers can run unmanaged. Subversion servers are managed by TeamForge.

Managed server

A managed server gets its instructions from TeamForge to which it is integrated with. Use TeamForge for SCM tasks such as:

Both new SCM servers and those with existing repositories can be managed by TeamForge.

Unmanaged server

On an unmanaged CVS server, you use the CVS's own utilities to handle repository management, user management, and access permissions.

Add an unmanaged server if you know that all repository and user creation and management must be done manually. For example, set up an unmanaged CVS server when: