Link an external application

To make an application or site outside of CollabNet TeamForge available in your project, create a linked application.

You can create as many linked applications per project as you need.
Tip: Some sites employ page code that disables this feature. For example, some Google apps automatically generate user login data and append it to their URLs, which prevents them from opening in an iFrame.
  1. Click PROJECT ADMIN from the Project Home menu.
  2. On the Project Admin Menu, click Tools. A list of all the applications in the project is displayed on the Project Tools section.
  3. Click Add Tool.
  4. On the Add Tool page, enter a name for the linked application. This name will appear, with an icon you choose, in the Project Home menu.
  5. Enter the server location or URL for the linked application.
  6. If you are a TeamForge administrator, select whether you want to use single sign on for the linked application.
    • By default, only site administrators can edit (turn on/off) single sign on (SSO) for linked applications. However, you can set the site options token ONLY_SITE_ADMIN_CAN_EDIT_SINGLE_SIGN_ON to false to have both site and project administrators turn SSO on and off. For more information, see ONLY_SITE_ADMIN_CAN_EDIT_SINGLE_SIGN_ON.
    • If you use single sign on, TeamForge users can automatically log into the linked application.
    • If you do not use single sign on, users must log into the linked application using its native authentication system.
  7. Click Choose File and select a gif, .jpg, or .png file to serve as the new icon for the linked application. Make the image 25 pixels wide and 20 pixels high. This icon appears with the application name in the Project Home menu.
  8. Click Save.
A button for the linked application is added to your Project Home menu. Clicking it launches the application in the main TeamForge project window.