Integrate an external application into your project

To make an application or site outside of TeamForge available to your users seamlessly from inside your TeamForge project, bring it in as an integrated application.

If the application you want to use is not yet available for your project, ask your site administrator to set it up.

You can use as many integrated applications as you wish, after your site administrator has made them available.

  1. Click PROJECT ADMIN from the Project Home menu.
  2. On the Project Admin Menu, click Tools. The Project Tools section displays the list of all the current applications in the project.
  3. Click Add Tool.
  4. On the Add New Tool page, select the desired application. and all the relevant paramters to configure the tool are displayed.
    1. If your site administrator has made it possible, specify a prefix for the resources created by the application you are setting up. A prefix enables TeamForge to provide handy links between objects managed by this application and other TeamForge objects. For example, if you are bringing in a blogging application:
      • You can connect a blog post with a TeamForge artifact using a special link called an "association."
      • For each blog post, you can give readers a simplified address, known as a "go URL."
      Note: For project-level associations and go URLs the application's prefix is permanent after you save it.
    2. Set any other configuration parameters you need and save your changes.
      • Click Save to return to the Project Tools page.
An icon for the integrated application is added to your Project Home menu. Clicking it launches the application in the main TeamForge project window.