Set site-level permissions for an integrated application

In CollabNet TeamForge, as the site administrator you can set the site-level permissions for an integrated application.

The default access permissions are usually set using the configuring xml file for each integrated application. However, you may want to provide permission access at site-level for some of the users.
  1. Go to My Workspace > Admin.
  2. Click INTEGRATED APPS from the Projects menu.
  3. Set the permissions for the integrated application and click Submit. The permissions are set for the selected integrated application.
Note: It is possible that an integrated application may be added to a project by a restricted user whose project administration permissions come from a global project role. In such a case, you could be left with no one authorized to administrate the integrated application. TeamForge handles that situation in one of two ways:
  • If one or more users with the "Founder project administrator" role is a member of the project, then the restricted user who did the integration gets that role too.
  • If there is no project member with the "founder project administrator" role, the restricted user who did the integration gets a new administrator role called "<integrated_application_name> Administrator."