Search a wiki

Use the wiki search page to find content in a project wiki.

  1. Click WIKI from the Project Home page.
  2. On the Wiki home page, click Search Wiki Pages.
  3. Try one of the predefined searches. These can save you time by running some of the most widely used content searches with a single click:
    • List the wiki pages that have changed in the last 15 days.
    • List the wiki pages that no other wiki page links to.
    • List all the pages in this project's wiki.
  4. If you need to narrow your search beyond the predefined searches, enter some search terms under Wiki Pages Search Criteria. Wildcards are allowed.
    • To search active wiki content, enter the search keywords in the SEARCH TEXT field.
    • To search active and inactive wiki page versions, select Search All Versions. (By default, searches are performed on active wiki page versions only.)
    • To search wiki attachments, select Include Attachments.
    • If you know approximately when the wiki content was created or last edited, enter the start and end dates for the search and click Search. Click the calendar icon to select dates from a calendar.
    • To search by author, click the Search icon in the CREATED OR EDITED BY field that displays a list of project members.
  5. Click Search.
A list of wiki pages matching your search criteria appears.