Add Wiki content

When the information you want to share with other project members does not fit neatly into a tracker comment or a document review, use a Wiki page for a more free-form communication flow.

After a Wiki is created, any user with the Wiki create, edit, or view permission can add or edit Wiki content. You can also add associations or multiple attachments, or create additional Wiki pages.
Note: You can now add multiple attachments in a Wiki page without updating the Wiki each time to include another attachment. If attachments are not required they can be deleted before updating the Wiki page.
  1. Click Wiki from the Project Home menu. Any existing Wiki content appears.
  2. For more information about this Wiki, click View Details.
  3. On the Wiki home page, click Edit.
  4. On the Edit Wiki page, make your changes or additions to the Wiki content.
    • If you prefer to use buttons to do your text formatting, the way you would with a word processor, click [NAME OF BUTTON].
    • If your tastes run more to typing in your wiki formatting, see Wiki syntax for the choices available.
    Tip: You can use a variety of preconfigured queries to generate up-to-date content for your Wiki page.

    For more preconfigured Wiki content, see Wiki syntax.

  5. In the Version Comment box, note the reason for your change. It is optional, but advisable, to get in the habit of recording a version comment. If your project manager has made it mandatory, then you must record a version comment before you can save your changes.
  6. Click Preview Changes to see how your Wiki content will look. You can make further edits on the Previewing page before saving your changes.
  7. Click Update to save your changes.