Create a new Wiki page

A TeamForge site can have any number of Wiki pages. All Wiki pages are linked, and their relationships are traced on the Back Links tab of each Wiki page.

  1. Click WIKI from the Project Home page.
  2. In the large text field, insert the title of your new page between square brackets, like this:
    • Please post comments about [test results] here.

    Then click Update.

    The text between the square brackets becomes a link on your Wiki page.
    Note: You can also type the new link in CamelCase (each word starts with an uppercase letter, no spaces) and skip the square brackets.
  3. Click the link to open the new Wiki page. The new page is created. The title of the new page is the same text as the link, rendered in CamelCase.
  4. On the Create Wiki page, write the content you need, then click Save.
    Tip: You can use a variety of preconfigured queries to generate up-to-date content for your Wiki page.

    For more preconfigured Wiki content, see Wiki syntax.

The new Wiki page is created. The back link to the page from which it was created appears on the Back Links tab of the Show/hide Details section.