Start a Wiki

To start communicating with other project members via Wiki, create a new page in your project's Wiki.

Every TeamForge project starts with a blank Wiki. You do not need to create a Wiki before you can begin adding content. After a Wiki is started, any user with the appropriate permissions can add or edit content; however, you cannot delete all of the content to start over with a new, blank Wiki.
  1. Click WIKI from the Project Home page.
  2. On the Wiki home page, click Edit.
  3. On the Edit Wiki page, write your Wiki text. Wiki content is a combination of plain text, markup for font elements such as bold or italics, headers, bulleted and numbered lists, and links.
  4. Customize your Wiki entry with any of these optional steps:
    1. Use the buttons at the top of the text area to add Wiki markup to your text in the WYSIWYG Editor mode. You can also enter Wiki syntax directly into the text area in the Plain Editor mode. For an explanation of Wiki syntax, click Syntax Reference.
    2. To insert a link to another TeamForge item, just type the item id. You do not need additional Wiki syntax to create the link.
    3. To change the size of the display window, drag the arrow available at the bottom-right of the window.
    4. To attach an external file to a wiki page, click CHOOSE FILE, then browse for the desired file.
    5. To add a version comment, write it in the Version Comment field.
  5. Click Preview Changes to see how your Wiki content will look. You can make further edits from the Previewing Home page before saving your changes.
  6. Click Update to save your changes.
Your Wiki is now started.